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Learn more about the academics that Proctor High provides so that their students achieve excellence.

Please read our Program of Studies for the most information on the curriculum we offer.

Advanced Courses Offered

AP English Literature & Comp.
World Language:
AP Spanish
AP Calculus
College Statistics – Dual Enrollment
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics
AP US History

Outside of PrHS

Technical Program:
Students may elect to enroll in a program at Stafford Technical Center, typically in grades 11 or 12.

Flexible Pathways:
PrHS fully supports students enrolling in dual enrollment courses, early college, internships & work-study, virtual high school and VTVLC or any combination of learning pathways which assist in
meeting their learning goals.

PrHS Graduation Requirements:

In addition to attaining PrHS credit requirements, students are required to “Meet Proficiency” in the content areas listed below:

Total Courses: 24

Math – 3 Courses (including Algebra & Geometry)
Science – 3 Courses (including Biology and Chemistry)
English – 4 Courses
Social Studies – 3 Courses
World Language – 1 Courses
Fine Arts – 2 Courses
Physical Education/Health – 2 Courses
Electives – 6 Courses

Content Areas:

English Language Arts & Literacy
Global Citizenship
Physical Education
Health Education
World Language