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Essential Tech Resources

We understand that in these unprecedented times, it may be difficult to receive adequate support working with remote learning. Below are some helpful resources that we have collected, in hopes to support teachers, students and the community.

Online Learning Resources
Online Education Resources
GRCSU Lunch & Learn YouTube Channel
Security Information


To create a HelpDesk Ticket with an email, please send your request to: ticket@grcsu.org

Gregory Connors – Chief Technology Officer

Email: gregory.connors@grcsu.org

Phone: 802-775-4342 x 2110

Milton Gardner – IT System Administrator

Email: milton.gardner@grcsu.org

Phone: 802-775-4342 x 2111

Vinnie Covino – IT Technician

Email: vinnie.covino@grcsu.org

Phone: 802-775-4342 x 2111

Neil Daub – IT Technician

Email: neil.daub@grcsu.org

Phone: 802-775-4342 x 2111

Bill Jalbert – IT Technician

Email: william.jalbert@grcsu.org

Phone: 802-775-4342 x 2111

Shannon Moriarity – Website Developer

Email: shannon.moriarity@grcsu.org

Phone: 802-775-4342 x 2111


Google has created a Teach from Home Hub that includes a lot of resources that teachers, staff, and student might find useful. This Hub was created in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Teach from Home Google Resources


Google for Education COVID-19 Resources


GRCSU YouTube Channel

Our coaches have created a YouTube channel with helpful videos to better guide you with anything technology, or online learning, related.

How to Turn off Google Classroom Email Notifications

Google for Education YouTube Channel